Impact of art on our life

By Fariha Mobin Karamat

Over the past few years, art has been used in a variety of ways to heal emotional injuries, increase understanding of oneself and others. Creativity can make a powerful contribution to the healing process of individuals.

We live in a fast-paced world of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts. Art helps us to slow down and get awareness of ourselves. Viewing others’ arts gives rise to emotions within us and it helps us to interpret and explore
our feelings and emotions. Increasing our self-awareness through art can lead to more success both personally and professionally.

Art helps to develop critical thinking and better communication. While making or viewing art we make decisions through a process. We use logic and reason to attribute what we see and what we create. Art not only helps us to strengthen our critical thinking skills but also improves the way we communicate our thoughts and emotions to others.

Art is universal. There is no language barriers in art. It is a powerful tool that can improve communication and relations among cultures.

Through art, we reconnect with our purpose. Seek your own connection with art and find out what your life is saying to you. Art existed in someone’s imagination before it came into material reality. Many scholars believe that what you cannot see is actually more real than what you see.

Reality cannot exist without spirit and vision and art can help us to visualize our life as we want to be and actually take the steps needed to bring our spiritual vision into being.

With the power of observation and perception, we feel more empathy about people and life in general. While viewing art, we develop a “sense memory” of the experience that can be used during a stressful time. We must spend enough time with art in order to develop this tool.

Art reminds us that life is about expressing ideas and sharing them with others. When we look at art and do not question it. Just accept what it is as when we look ourselves in the mirror and accept that beautiful moment that is life. Do it when you look at art, too.

Acceptance leads to positive change and an Attitude of Gratitude. Relax in that beautiful moment that is your life.
Looking at art is a form of mediation. The more you do it the longer you can focus and it improves our productivity.