IMPACT is a group of Clinical Psychologists and other practitioners who work with children and adults who are having problems with their attitudes, feelings, academics, and other daily issues. Our team has been trained to deal with these issues and is attentive to the needs and well-being of people.

We, as professionals, are well aware of the obligation that comes with our profession and has received appropriate training for it. As a result, we evaluate and treat our clients in an exceptionally relaxed atmosphere with minimal distractions, avoiding any extraneous variables influencing the outcome.

Clinical Psychologist’s position as a treatment provider has recently received national and international attention. Clinical psychologists, especially those employed in a Child Guidance Model, may have had a significant role in delivering behavioral services in the past, but now they are increasingly involved in special educational needs such as developmental delays.

There are unique and general behavioral and emotional issues that necessitate counseling options for both the child and their parents. There is a variety of different types of therapy available, including:

  1. Behavior modification—this is often used for younger children who have issues with their behaviour in different areas of their lives, such as communication, schooling, and/or daily activities.
  2. Family counseling—a programme that seeks to create a safe and stable family atmosphere for both the children and their parents by assisting in the resolution of issues that may occur between family members.
  3. Confidence building—this therapy is for someone who believes their child is not doing as well as they should because of reasons that make them feel insecure or uneasy. These causes may be unfamiliar to you and will be learned during your therapy session.
  4. Teenage Conflicts and Issues – this typically involves interpersonal relationships and decision-making difficulties. It also aids them in overcoming anxieties, phobias, and other problems. Bullying and abuse, which affect a significant number of high school and college students these days, is a big problem for adolescents. We teach victims how to protect themselves while also highlighting the root problems and triggers that lead to a bully.
  5. The Social Skills and Focus program is particularly beneficial for children with ADD/ADHD and children who engage in socially unacceptable behaviors. It contains a variety of activities that assist a child in relaxing as well as improving attention and concentration. Our social skill group gives kids the chance to practice socially appropriate activities as well as interaction and communication skills.