Psychological Assessments and The Role of IMPACT in this field

Psychology is a diverse and exciting field, and Psychometrics is a specialized field of Psychology dealing with Psychological assessments; aiming to assist educators, teachers, psychologists, and special educationists in order to determine a person’s potential strengths and weaknesses. As the science and technology is growing, the demand and pressure of human being are being increased; as a result of a lot of stress, frustration and negativity might emerge, which needs to be controlled. There are different sources of stress in one’s life.

With children having school challenges, their parents and teachers face a lot of problems in understanding and handling their difficulties which consequently, de-motivates parents, teacher’s and children as well. The sufferer is the child mainly, where his self-confidence and self-esteem are affected due to having some learning disability, low intelligence, or some other academic issues. This is where we need comprehensive psychological assessments to rule out the specific problem or any particular learning difficulty or any behavioral issue. These assessments help us in identifying the major significant issues and their causes, and they further help us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a child. With general observations, it is not possible to reach inside a child accurately.

IMPACT uses only standardized and up-to-date tests, which are at par with the latest research. IMPACT specializes in carrying out these comprehensive assessments, followed by recommendations for parents and teachers. We are extensively involved with school-going children and their assessments, and at the same time offer services to those having any problem, we cater to children as young as 2 years old to adulthood. We are currently dealing with hundreds of children in identifying their intellectual ability, achievement level, and other basic skills required for academic achievement. Our major focus is on identifying and managing multiple behavioral issues also. The extensive reports help parents and schools in understanding the child or a student and devising strategies accordingly to deal with issues whether academic, emotional, or behavioral. One major area is to assess and guide children with Language delays, Asperger’s, Autism, Cerebral palsy, etc.

IMPACT is not only restricted to schools or children but is providing services to different organizations, under the umbrella of Psyché Consultants. Psychological assessments in an organization are basically involved with the observation, measurement, and evaluation of an individual’s or organization’s adaptive functioning in the modern world. These are multi-dimensional and are useful in a wide variety of personal, academic, and institutional or organizational needs. Psychological assessments are the necessary first step in determining the strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s functioning, either by displaying actions that are unexpected or by not displaying actions that are expected in given circumstances or environment. One of the major characteristics that an organization demand is ‘Thinking style, Behavioral traits, and Occupational interest’. An individual scores high or low on these indexes, which gives higher management a very clear hint into a person’s capacity, talent, and suitability for the job.