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Psychological Assessment

IMPACT is a leading institute in Pakistan offering comprehensive psychological assessments; who uses tests with a wide range of school going children in private and public sectors. We administer tests and interpret scores in a quantitative and qualitative manner, followed by recommendations.


Psychological tests are used in different areas of life to assess an individual’s ability, achievement level, personality and behavior. Tests are mainly used to assess children in schools having learning difficulties (dyslexia, ADHD, Dysgraphia), with developmental delays, language delays, having behavioral problems.Psychological testscan be divided in various categories – tests of ability, achievement, speech and language, aptitude, personality and behavior.

IMPACT is specially equipped and known for its wide range of assessment tools that allow parents and schools to get their children’s potential evaluated in various areas. Through assessments we offer the following:

1- Ability level/IQ testing—to determine if one’s IQ is below average, average or above average.

2- Achievement testing— to determine the level of a child’s achievement with reference to his grade level.

3- Learning Disability Testing—this helps determine if one has any learning disability that is causing him/her to underperform. Some examples may be Dyslexia, and ADHD, writing difficulties.

4- Speech & Language Assessment —language and speech delays or disorders, processing difficultiesorvisual/perception skill disorders etc.

5- Personality testing—gives insight into determining life choices that best suits ones personality such as career or educational options.

6- Neurological testing—can detect small neurological signs often associated with learning disabilities that are often linked to children and adolescent development (Detect brain damage etc.)

7- Visual/Motor assessment—these tests help with verifying specific abnormalities with relation to developmental function

8- Writing difficulties such as Dysgraphia or Fine-motor difficulties.

9- Mathematical difficulties such as Dyscalculia

10- Aptitude Testing for Career Counseling and right selection of profession

What do we do?

Assessments at IMPACT are conducted by Ms. MalihaLatifand under her supervision by other trained Clinical Psychologists. Ms. MalihaLatif is certified by British Psychological Society for conducting Psychological assessments and has been selected by MENSA international, UK, and is working as a National Supervisory Psychologist for Pakistan.

Psychological assessment is the first step that we take to start our work with a child having difficulty in any area. This initial screening helps us to determine a baseline of the person’s difficulties related to any particular area. On the basis of these findings, we provide recommendation for the person, which helps them acquire allowances in terms of grading.

Our assessment further helps students to gain concessions/adjustments for international standards such as Cambridge, O & A level, GCSE’s and for other admissions for higher education outside Pakistan.

We are the largest institute which is associated with major schools to conduct these assessments. Our  assessment does not only deal with I.Q., testing but also directed to find achievement levels, language and speech difficulties, reading and writing problems, neurological functions, visual-motor delays, personality assessment, aptitude testing and behavioral issues. We do an extensive assessment to determine each and every function of the brain and personality.