Painting Pots – Connecting With Nature Through Paints

Painting Pots – Connecting With Nature Through Paints

Painting not only helps creative development but it also stimulates the brain. 

Painting is a tactile sensory experience. While for some children getting messy can be distressing, most children love a good painting session. Keeping this in view, IMPACT organized a Pot Painting session for the kids! We asked them to bring a plant of their own choosing and simply paint the pots. Little did we know our little Picassos would amaze us with their colourful masterpieces!

The session offered them a way to express their feelings using colours, lines, shapes, and textures. When children lack verbal skills or when their words are insufficient, painting provides them the way to communicate using their imagination. This enjoyable activity gave wings to their blooming ability of imagination and creativity. Not only that, but this was also an excellent opportunity for our children to connect with nature and make the most of this experience. Later, their personalised pots were displayed for everyone to appreciate their art and spread colours around our building.

When using a paint brush, the children were not only exercising the important muscles of the hand that benefit their emerging writing abilities, they were refining more of the fine motor skills necessary for doing just about any handicraft.

While children manipulated various tools to paint, our therapists accompanied them to reconnect deeply with them. This session provided them with creative freedom that helped them relax, gain confidence and independence.